What Should I Do With My Dog?

    You go on this website, and the first thing you see is a dog. First, let me introduce Grenger. She is our mascot. She is a mutt, a mix of Australian cattle dog, chow-chow, labrador, ridgeback, and Great Pyrenees. She LOVES the outside and playing with people. From experience, I will tell you the top 5 things active dogs like Grenger like to do.

1. Hiking/Walking

Dogs LOVE walking. They love smelling new sites and meeting new friends. When dogs smell, they basically read the dog newspaper. They see who's been there. It also tires the dogs out from walking. They love the outdoors and some dogs, like Grenger, love work. As in the picture above, she is wearing a backpack, which tires her out even more.

2. Playing with other dogs

Playing with dogs is what every dog loves. Not only do you not have to work, but they enjoy it. They can make new friends. They also get exhausted. So depending on the dog, they may not need any exercise for the rest of the day.

3. Playing frisbee or tug of war (etc.)

Playing with your dog will create a bond. Your dog will associate you with play and fun, and they will be nicer and more connected with you. Every time Grenger sees someone by the door, she runs up and starts barking. Playing with your dog can also tire them out.

4. Petting

I think this is pretty self-explanatory. After a long day of work, dogs love scratches. Each dog has a different spot where they like to be rubbed. Grenger likes it when she is rubbed in the belly or behind the ear. Most of the spots dogs like are spots they can't reach by themselves. They let you rub them for longer if you play with them more.

5. Sleeping with them

After a long day of work (and scratches) dogs need rest, just like we do. Grenger prefers to sleep with us rather than on her own. The person who the dog sleeps with means that's who they are the closest to. They are there when you wake up in the morning, and there when you go to bed. They are also your wake-up alarm.

Now, you know how to make sure your dog has a happy day!